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At Musketeers we help small businesses win.

We're brothers who ended up quite unexpectedly in tech and turns out we're pretty good at it. We've worked for some pretty big brands, worked at startups and learned a whole lot along the way. In our adventures we saw that small businesses often lack the support, expertise or resources to win. We now use this expertise to help small businesses win. Why you ask?

Our parents' small business put us through school, university, and allowed them opportunity to spend a lot of time with us growing up. Our passion for small businesses comes from this. We want to play our part to help business succeed so others too can enjoy time quality time with their loved ones.

Small businesses that endure, compete, thrive and win.

We use our expertise, the right technology and economies of scale in favour of small business. So that small businesses in tough situations, with limited resources, and up against the largest companies can endure, compete, thrive and of course win.

"Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures."

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The minds behind Musketeers.

Alexander Oloo

Software Engineer + Product Designer

Alex is an engineer by trade. A designer by necessity. He’s been write code for almost a decade both front and backend. From HTML to Javascript and Node to CSS. And of course Clojure.

Core skills:
  • Prototyping
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • API development and integration

Felix Oloo

Service Designer + Data Scientist

Felix is currently experience designer and data scientist. He's an experienced researcher with an excellent grasp of analytics. Felix is also a published Geneticist.

Core skills:
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Data analysis and modelling
  • Analytics
  • Research

Alphonse Oloo

User Experience Designer + Marketer

Alfi is a design consultant specialising in User Experience, more specifically he excelles in bringing a product idea or plan to life in the form of medium to high fidelity prototypes.

Core skills:
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • User testing
  • UX/UI

Chester Oloo

Junior Software Engineer

Chester is a junior software engineer working mostly on the web. He focuses primarily on API development and payment gateway integration. He predominantly writes code in Clojure.

Core skills:
  • Backend development
  • API development
  • Payment gateway integration